Little Apple Blossom (meldawen) wrote in granolamommies,
Little Apple Blossom

Congested Baby

My 11 month old is terribly congested, and I'm wondering what I can do for him short of an over the counter medication. I'm nursing him plenty and giving him water, because I know extra fluids are necessary when you've got a cold. But he's just so stuffed up. He slept terribly last night, and it breaks my heart to hear his pathetic little cry because of it. :(
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Eucalyptis oil, just a little, on his chest should help out quite a bit while he sleeps, especially if you lay a steamy washcloth over it.
Squirt some saline in his nose to help loosen mucus, and use the bulb syringe if possible/necessary. Dr. Sears' Baby Book has some info on how to do this. It really helped my son last time he had a cold and had a hard time nursing because of it.

Also steam should help. Run the shower hot and help him breathe the steam, or at least plug in a humidifier next to the bed.
I'd try the children's vicks vaporub on his chest. Do you have a humidifier? Those help too- if not, taking him into the shower with you will have the same effect.