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ɐɥdlɐ ɹǝqɯǝʌou ɐıpuı ɐɯıl ɐɥdlɐ (That's Me.)

I've been lurking here for a while. My name is Ali and I'm from Mesa, Arizona (I've only been here for 5 months, though. The entirety of the 21 years before that was in Albany, New York.) I'll be 22 next month and am engaged to a great guy named Zack. I'm an artist, a costumer, and a member of the SCA, though during the day I'm just a humble receptionist (and mostly Pagan, I'm starting to think.) I've been an aspiring granola for a few years now, ever since I had the dramatic epiphany in the middle of a whole-foods market that I hate chemicals and WHY am I putting them in my body, on my skin, and all over my home when I clean it?! Why are we doing this to ourselves and our planet? People wonder why we're all dying of some one form of cancer or another. Ever since then I've been eating REAL food that remembers where it came from, using organic cosmetics (God bless Burt and all his little bees,) and cleaning my home with Earth friendly products (my favorite is Method!) However, breaking the fiance of his habits (Mountain Dew, frozen pizza, neon mac & cheese, flouride and Clorox) is like pulling teeth, but I'm getting there:

Me: "Gardenburger riblets! You like barbeque!"
Him: "...Soy? Ew no."

I want to say I'm not a Mom. I'm not a Mom, and I'm not pregnant (at least- we're not sure if I am. I tend to have an erratic cycle and the only method of contraception we use is pulling out) but it's where my mind is. It's where my mind has always been. I realize that not all little girls longed for a baby of their own, but I was definately one of the ones who did, and my ticking uterus never fails to remind me. My mother keeps hollering at me: 'ENJOY YOUR YOUTH!' And to that I can only say: 'I dropped out of highschool at 16, I traveled Europe for a month, I worked a hundred jobs and got fired, I dated around, I had sex with guys older then me, younger than me, taller than me, shorter than me, I lived in the city, I lived in the country, I took busses, I jet-setted America for two months, I got drunk, I partied, stayed up all night, slept all day, for five years. I'm done. I think I've enjoyed about as much youth as I can squeeze out of myself.'

I'm ready, now. I'm ready to take that next step into mom-hood, and it's never too soon to sit back and take in all the advice you can get, even if it comes in the form of listening to other moms vent and ramble. (You'll see me lurking in badparents and boob_nazis, too.) I'm really thrilled there are communities that give me the mindset where I can decide ahead of time that I'm pro boob and pro cloth diapering, and pro co-sleeping during infancy and pro home-made baby food, and pro whatever the hell I want to be PRO, and be in a place where I will be supported for it (especially when my mother-in-law is on my case. She's a good law-abiding closed-minded conservative chemical-advocating Christian, she and I just don't see eye-to-eye.)

So thank you in advance for being here, ladies. And I'm very sure you'll hear much much more from me when I DO become pregnant, but for now- I'll lurk around and love every minute of it.

<3, Ali.
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